About Polaris

We are healthcare content providers helping universities transition to online education.

Why we do it

Health professionals dedicate their professional lives to the pursuit of caring for others. Unfortunately, many people around the world don’t have the opportunity to fulfill this dream since continuing education can be limited and out of reach, even in university settings. We founded Polaris as a ‘guiding star’ for people in all corners of the globe to become a health professional and improve their skills.

How we do it

We optimize professional health education by creating educational ecosystems that fully incorporate technology, human design, data analytics, and evidence-based content.

What we do

We collaborate with practitioners to produce high quality educational products and opportunities for health providers the world over, regardless of where they live or their previous educational background.

Our Mision

Our mission is to innovate and accelerate access to quality health professional education for everyone, anywhere and anytime.

Our Vision

Our vision is to optimize health professional education through collaboration with partners to create sustainable hybrid educational ecosystems that fully incorporate technology, human design, data analytics and evidence-based content.

Our Values

We believe that everyone is a teacher, student and mentor.
Polaris is driven by four values:
Absolute dedication to innovation

We disrupt and innovate for the future of education, not the past.

We do not accept the Status Quo

We creatively challenge and believe that challenging the status quo builds a better tomorrow.

We are servant leaders

We exist to serve our customers, not the other way around.

Dedicated to personalized education
Everyone learns best at a different pace and under different conditions so we use technology to create an optimized environment for each student.

What's our story

Our Founders

Michel D. Landry PT, MBA, PhD

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Michel is a physiotherapist, a health services and policy researcher, and a global health practitioner.  He spent the first part of his career as a clinician, and then as a humanitarian aid worker implementing rehabilitation education and development initiatives around the world.  After many years in the field, he completed his PhD in health policy, and spent 15 years as an academic researcher, Department Chair and associate Dean of Global Health.  He is a past President of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and was awarded the 2020 Enid Graham Award for his contribution to global rehabilitation. 

Mike, Sudha and their three hockey playing daughters live Durham, North Carolina.

Paul Younes, MBA

Partner & Chief Strategy Officer

Paul is responsible for our strategy and business development at Polaris Edu. He has extensive experience building and managing global businesses with  partners in developed and emerging countries.
He has spent the last 15 years working in global investment finance with official institutions for BNP Paribas, Societe Generale and Amundi.
Paul holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management from Ithaca College in New York as well as an MBA from Duke University.

Paul, Stephanie and their two daughters live in New York.
Nicholas C. Carden, Esq.

Partner & Chief Financial Officer

Nick is a lawyer who practices in intellectual property, privacy, marketing and advertising. His career spans working for some of the world’s premier technology companies. He prides himself in providing pragmatic counsel to complex problems. At Polaris, Nick supports business operations, legal, and administrative functions. Nick holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of South Carolina, a Juris Doctor from the Charleston School of Law, and a MBA from Duke University.

Nick and his family live in Atlanta, Georgia.

How we do it

We optimize health professional education through collaboration with respected partners to create educational ecosystems that fully incorporate technology, human design, data analytics and evidence-based content.

 We have 3 different business propositions:
Business to Business (B2B) Model

Digitally transform and implement hybrid and online accredited institution-based health professional educational programs.

Business to Consumer (B2C) Model

Identify, develop and implement short and mid length hybrid continuing health professional competency MicroDegree programs.

Licensure and third-party examination services

Develop and implement impartial health professional license entry-level competency examinations.

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